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About – Mission

Creative Endeavors was founded with the vision to provide families with children affordable, creative art education in a nurturing environment. Christine finds that children thrive when they feel accepted, motivated, inspired, and encouraged to be the best they can be. As a mother herself, and also a teacher for over fourteen years, she feels that children need to feel empowered to pursue creative avenues. She designed Creative Endeavors programs with the intention of always have children leaving her room with a smile on their face. If you can make someone feel good about themselves each day, it makes the learning process a place of discovery. Christine challenges students in re-designing many Broadway style shows that kids already know. For expample, Creative Endeavors has re-produced shows such as Cinderella, Annie, Grease, Newsies, High School Musical 1 and 2, Camp Rock, and Hairspray just to name a few. Christine received her education at Rutgers College where she made the dean’s list each semester. She graduated at the top of her class and received Highest Honors. Christine is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Education. Christine has been the owner and director of Creative Endeavors for over 5 years now. She has been a teacher for fourteen years. Her programs have been implemented in schools throughout NJ such as: Black River Middle School in Chester, Hilltop School in Mendham Boro, The Mendham Township Elementary School, Bernardsville Middle School, The Callis School in Whippany, ECLC in Chatham, The Grove Street School in Hacketstown, The JCC in Bridgewater, The Bedminster Township Rec. Department, The Bernardsville Boro Rec Department, The Montgomery Acadmy in Peapack, and The Child Wellness Center in Bedminster. She has recently made an on air appearance on the local Cable Vision Networks regarding “Giving Children A Voice and A Vision” She is an active advocate in the community for letting children express themselves on air. Many Creative Endeavors students have been seen on the channel 21 show.

Mission of Shows and Classes at Schools, Restaurants, and Hospitals. Infusing a “thankful heart” mind-set to young people through artistic opportunities

To infuse in each child a hopeful, positive, grateful attitude towards life and others. To bring the arts into a larger arena that promotes sharing and co-operation with competition in a friendly, supportive environment that promotes personal growth and character building experiences that one can take further in other artistic or educational environments.

Utilizing children’s talents for higher purposes teaches skills that are not taught in classrooms in most schools. After learning required subject matters, students have little time for learning life skills. One that is hugely important is that of communication. Other than d-s, video games, or dvds, chat rooms on the internet, children remain incompetent, shy, and delayed on important skills such as debate, public presentation, performance stance and poise, as well as utilizing eye contact and body language in an appropriate manner. This needs to be corrected or the future of our country will also remain delayed. Early educational intervention is needed before students reach college level academics. The world is competitive. We need to reach a higher standard of excellence in speaking to our youth about the importance of speech and reaching out to the community and world around us.

We at Creative Endeavors will teach life skill acting in a way that is fun and educational. No pressure to “perform”. Don’t waste anymore time feeling embarrassed about communication in a class room or with peers and teachers. We will change the negative feelings into a positive experience. Just come with an open mind and we will help transform your mind with life changing skills!